NeuXP in Collaboration to Accelerate the Digital Finance Platform in Italy

Milan, Italy, 14 March 2022– NeuXP, an integrated digital banking platform provider for international students, travelers, expats and businesses expanding abroad, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CORE S.R.L., integrated I.T. systems, telematic and blockchain management provider and Studio Legale DRBLEX, a comprehensive global financial legal services provider. 

NeuXP MoU Signing in Milan Italy

The MoU will officiate and reaffirm the partnerships to leverage each party’s expertise and comparative advantage in developing innovative platforms in the digital finance space, including banking and green token. The partnerships will also include collaboration in the upcoming strategic initiatives to support sustainable development outcomes through effective and accountable governance, infrastructure, and digital finance platform transformation in Italy. 

“We are truly honoured to be officiating a Memorandum of Understanding with CORE S.R.L. and Studio Legale DRBLEX in Italy. We are confident that by collaborating with both establishments, together, we will accelerate innovation in the digital finance space in the country. In line with our vision to transform the digital finance experience for its target market across Europe, we find Italy to be a country of tremendous opportunities for tech advancement and innovation in the digital finance field,” stated Mr. Jeremy Mah, Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of NeuXP.

The MoU signing ceremony held at the Consulate of Malaysia, MATRADE (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation) in Milan was witnessed by the Trade Commissioner of MATRADE Milan, Mr. Faizal Haris. During the ceremony, CORE S.R.L was represented by its Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Andrea Reggiani, while Studio Legale DRBLEX was represented by its Partner, Prof. Avv. Andrea Borroni, alongside Mr. Jeremy of NeuXP.