iCar Asia innovating during COVID-19

Kuala Lumpur, 14 April 2020 – With the spirit of innovating in these testing times Carlist.my is today excited to present two new services that they have developed in order to continue serving our customers and consumers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to impact the automotive industry, as potential buyers are reluctant to venture to places with large concentrations of people, wary of social distancing. This in turn has created a trickle-down effect with car dealers now looking for new ways to promote and sell their cars.

To address the above problem, Carlist.my is helping to drive car bookings through a new product called “Book From Home”. A car buyer can search for the best deal on a new car from the comfort and safety of home. Once they decide on an offer, they can then pay a deposit through an online gateway.  The car buyer is then guaranteed this deal on the car, which will be delivered after the loan is approved and any business restrictions are lifted. We will be launching “Book From Home” in the coming days.

An area of focus that they have been working on these past few months is to add an element of interactivity to their vehicle listings. At the moment most of the listings are image based but they have been adding video listings in a trial phase and at this point in time there are more than 3,000 video listings and growing in their Malaysian and 1,500 in their Thailand classified sections. Indonesia will be following suit soon.

Content and marketing are also important areas of focus during this period. Their teams in all three countries have been hard at work producing timely, localised, engaging content for their visitors. “How to keep your car COVID-19 free”, “5 must-have applications for drivers in this digital age” or even “The Best Car Movies” have all proved to be hits among their readers. Marketing initiatives continue through the work from home period creating more engagement with consumers and encouraging them to browse their favourite cars.

Hamish Stone, the Managing Director and CEO of iCar Asia Limited (owner of Carlist.my) concluded: “During these challenging times we are committed to continuing to support the automotive industry by offering and developing the best solutions for our customers and consumers. We are confident that the solutions we have put in place plus our pipeline of ideas will help our car buyers, car dealers, clients and OEM’s during this period. We look forward to working closely with them, and together we will get through this.”