GoCar For Delivery At RM30/day: An Initiative To Support Our SMEs

Kuala Lumpur, 13 APRIL 2020 – GoCar for Delivery, a new initiative by GoCar Malaysia, aims to help small-to-medium enterprises (SME)s provide their own delivery services to customers during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.  The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has affected businesses worldwide, and the extended MCO period will pose a greater threat to SMEs in the upcoming two weeks.  While many are still paying overhead costs despite the halt in operations, engaging a third-party delivery service and incurring additional merchant fees may not be feasible. 

To support local businesses in this challenging time, GoCar is offering all Nissan Almeras in its fleet at RM30/day, their lowest rate to date exclusively for this initiative. GoCar for Delivery is available to any business that is in need of cars to fulfill deliveries, including supermarkets, online grocers, cafes, and restaurants. GoCar for Delivery makes the process safe and easy by providing:

  • No human interaction by using the GoCar app to book, unlock, and return the car.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes to disinfect surfaces inside the car whenever needed. 
  • Unlimited mileage at no extra charge.
  • 24/7 customer support.

GoCar gained positive response from its members in the first week with a total of 120 registrations comprising 40 businesses and 80 deliverers. By subsiding the booking rates, this initiative can help business owners and deliverers to fulfil higher volume of delivery demands and generate income.

To start self-deliveries with GoCar for Delivery, sign up at GoCar’s website now!

GoCar for Delivery’s core initiative is only a small piece of the puzzle. “We noticed that many businesses do not have transport to help with distribution services, and there is a need to save expenses in a crucial time like this. GoCar for Delivery shows #KitaJagaKita as we help our SMEs to continue running their operations cost-efficiently” said Alan Cheah, CEO of GoCar Malaysia. As a community-driven car-sharing platform, GoCar is currently partnering with top brands of similar values and missions such as Beep Delivery powered by StoreHub to reach out to more local businesses in the coming weeks.