Up Close Shiva Ruppeni

Shiva Ruppeni indulged in Radio while in University.  Little did she know that Radio, would become her playground. In an interview for a news presenter, she exclaimed that news wasn’t her calling, but she would love to get her hands into production. Her now Employer from FLY FM called a few weeks later offering her a dream job. She worked her way up, now producing one of Malaysia’s top breakfast show; Fly FM’s Hafiz, Dennis & Guibo #FlyWolfpack from 6am – 10am weekdays. 

The Nielsen RAM survey (read here) announced that more that 6 out of 10 listeners are under the age of 40 and the major contributors to radio’s continued success are Urbanites who make up a whopping 77%.

In a telephone conversation, Shiva tells Supernewsroom her views on Radio and the PR Industry. 


Q1: Tell us a bit about your media organisation and its area of focus?

Fly FM is a Malaysian-English language private radio station owned by Media Prima Berhad. It was launched on 3 October 2005 and targets listeners aged between fifteen and thirty years old. Fly FM is one of the fastest growing English Radio stations in Malaysia. Its rising popularity is making waves in the nation, crafting ways for listeners to tune in via several mediums; FM radio, online music and social media. 

benhafiz braiding my hair

Q2: Can you tell us a bit on your job scope?

I produce the breakfast show, #FLYWolfpack from 6am to 10am weekdays. Managing 3 energetic and fast talking men, Hafiz, Dennis and Guibo is not an easy task, but they do make my job fun. I am the primary gate keeper of what goes into the show. So basically, I ensure the show stays fun and is constantly upward energy to keep the listeners entertained. I curate and create content with the announcers as well as keep our social media pages active and relevant. To do that, I liaise with the audio, video and social media production teams. It’s a fast paced job, but it keeps me on my toes.

hafiz brought a snake for our birthdays


 Q3: What are the current challenges for your media organisation or the media industry as a whole?

The biggest challenge is staying current. Radio broadcasting is fast paced and anything can happen overnight. I need to keep up with the times. This is essential, to ensure my show does not announce stale news. Worst things is for people go “oh, yeah, I knew that already”. My job also entails calling the PR or Managers, negotiating with them to get the breaking story. My favourite moment was getting Joe Flizzow, just as he won the Anugerah Juara Lagu, on our Breakfast show the very next morning. FLY FM won the scoop, and we got there first.  One wrong move, and we are at the back of the line. 

 joeflizzow sonaone AJL


Q4: What is your media organisation (or your desk) target in 2016? (Eg-areas of focus, to go digital etc) 

Staying current with what’s happening in the Entertainment and the world in general. We still want to know who “broke” the internet and what the Movers and Shakers are doing. The impact it gives our listeners make us do what we do. Their feedback and participation allows radio to be a relevant media outlet. Fly FM is focusing on making waves for up and coming Malaysian artists as well as keep a look out for next big thing, be it local or international. Social Media is our preferred method of keeping in touch during the “after hours” of our show.  The world is Digitizing, we can be anywhere, that’s the beauty of Radio.

Yuna Fly FM Stripped


Q5: What are your favourite phrases or words that you used a lot whenever you are stuck with something or faced with a huge problem?

Oh MY Goodness! Let’s solve this! 


Q6: Where do you see the Malaysian media landscape in the next 3 to 5 years?

I think Radio is here to stay. We want organizations, the PR people as well the event promoters/producers to understand that Radio is a multichannel Platform. What used to only be heard now can be seen as well. We have to think of an all-inclusive promo so that your outreach is better and current. Don’t hard sell. 

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Q7: What is your advice to Public Relations practitioners who wants to engage with the media in Malaysia? 

When it happens, MILK IT! Essential media promotions thrive on the relevance of the “product or service”. My advice is also to Be Inventive. We would love to air your story but be flexible, then watch it payoff.  Include Radio as part of your media engagement plans. 

 with KDU Campus Radio


Q8: What are the areas that you want PR practitioners to improve when dealing with media such as during functions, press conferences, media releases, press invites, pitching of stories, and etc.?

Make your story organic, let it blend with the times. The more we believe in your story/idea/product/service, the better we can sell you to our bosses and, as you want to look good, so do we. Relevant Content + Organic Story = Radio Magic

 The Sam Willows in the Studio


Q9: What is the one thing that irks you about PR practitioners? Or maybe a good thing about them :)

I understand that you have policies and client satisfaction is crucial, but ultimately, conceive innovative ideas. If you do the same things over and over, it gets old and then I would have nothing to air.


Q10: What do you think of Supernewsroom? - You can skip this part if you have not heard about us

I think it’s a good platform to bring us closer, but I also like the unplanned interactions. Serendipitous!