Up Close With Liz Lee

In this debut of Top Newsmakers where we profile the movers and shakers of the global media industry, we caught up with Liz Lee, the correspondent for DealStreetAsia in Malaysia.  DealStreetAsia is a regional financial news site that covers Southeast Asia countries and now expanding across Asia. 

 Liz Lee (Correspondent – Malaysia for DealstreetAsia)


Q1: Tell us a bit about your media organisation and its area of focus?

DealStreetAsia is a regional financial news site that tracks investments, mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, private equity, venture capital, investment banking and the business of startups across the Asian region. We currently cover Southeast Asia, India and have plans to expand coverage to China/Hong Kong this year.

As we expand beyond our editorial offering, DealStreetAsia will be rolling out its deals intelligence platform, and will hold events relevant to our target audience of investors, venture capitalists, corporates and startups.

Q2: Can you tell us a bit on your job scope?

I joined DealStreetAsia as the correspondent for Malaysia, which entails producing editorial content for the news site. However, being part of the founding team means our correspondents sometimes go beyond just writings news and features.

Q3: What are the current challenges for your media organisation or the media industry as a whole?

This is not new but the media industry has had to keep up with the digital revolution for a while now. That will continue, and will move to focus on what innovative solutions can media organisations come up with to adapt to the audience's changing media consumption habits.

Q4: What is your media organisation (or your desk) target in 2016? (E.g. - areas of focus, to go digital etc)

We are working on getting our intelligence platform - a database - up this year, and looking to expand the team in certain markets, and to China and HK. We are also exploring the potential of having events, such as conferences, catered to our audience.

Q5: What are your favourite phrase or words that you used a lot whenever you are stuck with something or faced with a huge problem?

When I face tough situations, I always tell myself that I can only come out better at the end of it.

Q6: Where do you see the Malaysian media landscape in the next 3 to 5 years?

The digital adoption will continue to drive the industry in ways that will make communication - between industry players and the audience - more efficient. I look at what our local and regional startups are capable of creating for various industries and think that it is no different for the media industry. I am honestly quite excited to see what platforms come out of all the technological innovation we are seeing in Malaysia and the world.

Q7: What is your advice to Public Relations practitioners who wants to engage with the media in Malaysia?

 Coming from the perspective that most industries are ripe for disruption and innovative solutions, I believe that PR practitioners need to stay ahead of the game and keep track of the digitizing media landscape. Digital adoption is rampant and PR practitioners should embrace it in the way media practitioners have to also. That said, I still believe in the human touch. While smartphones, new platforms etc are great for expediting communication and making messages more efficiently conveyed, personal impressions and experiences cannot be replicated through a screen.

Q8: What are the areas that you want PR practitioners to improve when dealing with media such as during functions, press conferences, media releases, press invites, pitching of stories, and etc.?

I think it's not fair to generalise how the PR companies handle their press engagement, as some companies are more detailed than others. In general, I appreciate those who understand the niche areas that DealStreetAsia covers and strive to include us in relevant media/event invitations. This is largely to do with the media list they compile and how they use it according to the events organised.

Q9: What is the one thing that irks you about PR practitioners? Or maybe a good thing about them :)

I always hope that I don't have to remind any PR person to send DealStreetAsia press releases or media invitations, especially if I have met or contacted them before. Perhaps they forget to update the media list to include us, but it is not very efficient if I need to chase for a press release, for example, after I see the news appearing on other media. For those PR companies that care to include us in their list from the first instance, I really appreciate it.

Q10: What do you think of Supernewsroom? - You can skip this part if you have not heard about us.

I think this is a great concept that can streamline the communication and engagement between PR practitioners and media bodies. This is the sort of technology that I believe can change the industry for the better, not just in terms of consolidating and simplifying the modes of communication but also in the data that can be collected from the communication that can be useful for the industry.

 Any PR practitioners in Malaysia who wishes to contact Liz to pitch stories or send media invited and press released to DealStreetAsia may do so at the contacts below:


DealStreetAsia Correspondent, Malaysia

Mobile: +6012 427 6189 | Twitter: @Lizacle


DEALSTREETASIA™, the flagship brand of DEALSTREETASIA Pte. Ltd. is a news and intelligence platform providing international and regional investors insight into some of Asia’s most opaque markets. Our financial news site reports on investments, mergers, acquisitions, private equity, venture capital, investment banking and the business of startups across the Asian region.

Our reporters, spread out across the region, track the vibrant private business landscape across large, medium and small enterprises in the region. We also track startups that are disrupting the status quo and playing an important role in the evolution of one of the fastest growing regions of the world.

With direct presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and India, we are continuously consolidating our database and investment insights to develop a powerful intelligence source for investors who want to capitalize on opportunities in Asian markets. Through DSA Analytics, investors can gain access to research reports and intelligence about companies, deals, investors and more managed by our analysts.

Asia is the answer for the next phase of global growth. We believe Asia’s jewels, some of the fastest growing countries in the world, deserve more than a mention in international and regional media. A demographically vibrant region, often split by the language of media, has a lot to say and offer to the economic golden age that Asia is all set to enter.

DEALSTREETASIA aims to play a catalyst’s role in this transformation and bring out the stories of privately held enterprises and connect them to investors through the digital platform. Our vision is to bring opportunity to the doorstep of each country in the region, by bridging the gap between enterprises and investors through the power of information.

Our foundation

DEALSTREETASIA Pte. Ltd. was founded in May 2014 in Singapore and came to life through its main news and intelligence portal in October 2014. With a rapid demand for investment-related information in the Asian markets, we have built a strong network of correspondents in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and India who are tracking deals in their markets.

DEALSTREETASIA™ has been founded by Joji Thomas Philip, a 24×7 information enthusiast and a believer in the future of digitized news. Based in the Asian financial headquarters in Singapore, he is now leading a team of journalists and business developers across the Asian market. Joji believes that information will be the instrument that will shape Asia’s future.

Prior to this, he has actively chronicled the technology and communications segment in India. He also associated with Mint Asia, a financial news weekly from HT Media Ltd