Tricubes continues to innovate meter reading billing solution

Kuala Lumpur- 18 November 2021 – With customers spread across one of the states in Malaysia, keeping a system linked to tariff changes could prove to be a challenge for any water supply company. Notwithstanding the challenges, Tricubes Bhd which has been at the forefront of enterprise mobility solutions, has successfully come to its aid.

The information and communications technology (ICT) firm has been a key player in the field of software and services to businesses and governments in Malaysia, as well as in the regional market for 23 years. It was sought to build an effective system to keep devices and docking stations which interface to the system host, in sync with tariff changes.

“Our client wanted an effective system in which bills that are printed to clients were accurate and in tandem with the occasional tariff changes within a short roll-out period. We needed to ensure that it would prevent any potential revenue losses,” said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tricubes, Ahmad Azhar Kamarulzaman.

Generally, the water billing meter readers are equipped with a mobile device that seamlessly interface with its host system. The printer that can withstand any weather conditions are also required to print the bills.

Armed with 23 years of experience and expertise in the fields of Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS), Identity Authentication Solutions (IAS) and IT Maintenance Services (ITMS), Tricubes stepped up to the plate.

Ahmad Azhar said Tricubes offered four solutions including Android Billing – a mobile app running on Android Platform for on-the-spot bill issuance. Meter readers carry out their duties with a portable Global Positioning System (GPS) equipped computing and printing device.

“The solution significantly improves efficiency with the increase of the number of bills presented per day. Bills are issued on the spot as soon as the meter is read. Once all the reading has been done, the data will be uploaded by meter reader over-the-air (OTA) to the billing system and is immediately available for review. Additionally, all data can be consolidated to create daily and monthly reports which provide the management with detailed billing analytics,” he added.

To wrap up its solutions to, Tricubes introduced an interface between meter reading solution and the centralized billing system at the back end.

“Tricubes Mobile to Enterprise (m2e) is used as a middleware to interface with their Billing system securely with all data encrypted through a secured connection. The m2e interfaces to client Billing System to retrieve the billing components and meter data information. Additionally, the m2e also updates the meter reading and billing detail information from the Android devices to the client host,” he explained. Its base covers residential, commercial and industrial clients and the implementation of the new system replaced an ageing and obsolete hardware, as well as limited operating system on its previous software. 

Tricubes holds the position as Malaysia’s market leader in identity verification. It has more than 300 organizations as clients, and over 60,000 smartcard and biometrics verification devices installed. It prides itself in providing solutions to the Royal Malaysian Police and the Kuala Lumpur City Hall –two of the largest enforcement agencies in Malaysia – in the Enterprise Mobility segment.