Charity Learning Festival 2.0 (CLF 2.0) “Empowering Yourself, Empowering Others”

Petaling Jaya, 14 December 2021- How to reskill 1 Billion people by 2030? ReSkills, a Malaysian-born EdTech startup, steadfastly believe in impactful and transformational learning. In sync with this, World Economic Forum (WEF) also views that reskilling and upskilling are highly demanded and are the ongoing trend for the world’s development.

Charity Learning Festival 2.0 is a learning festival with charity nobility to raise awareness of the support grant-giving charities can provide to the needy, deprived and underprivileged affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and beyond. This CLF 2.0 is the second program since it was first held in 2020 powered by ReSkills Malaysia. CLF 2.0 will be running concurrently in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam as well as India.

CLF 2.0 is a righteous three-pronged Community Empowerment ecosystem:

First, the public will obtain new knowledge and skills through OnLIVE Learning powered by ReSkills. Individuals can empower themselves with self-enhancement learning programs, including the underprivileged who are also aided to enrich & elevate their lives.

Second, for every person that signs up for a complimentary 6 month OnLive Learning account from ReSkills, ReSkills will match each sign-up with a donation of USD1 for each sign up. Hence, various Charity Organizations can benefit from funding via this campaign while the public can empower themselves through learning & on the other hand, they are empowering those selected charity organizations.

Third, Teachers, Trainers, and Coaches can share and impart their experiences, expertise, and knowledge to benefit the public through ReSkills Platform.

The charities that are in the pipeline of receiving the fruits of this campaign are The National Kidney Foundation and Dual Blessing Berhad in Malaysia.

Despite of the uptrend of global wealth through Industry 4.0, the fact remains that there are still those who are affected by health issues, natural disasters, and less-than-ideal economic systems. Effective leadership and coordination are now more crucial than ever when it comes to a global effort in upholding the wellbeing of the underprivileged segments of the human population. With technology at the fingertips of almost every single person, the public at large is now empowered to play a role in doing something for the greater good.

“It is crucial for us to exercise our corporate social responsibility. This has been one of our driving forces and motivation since the inception of this company.” Says the company’s CEO Jin Tan.

Ken Lee, ReSkills Malaysia Manager comments, “We want to create access to as many people as possible to learning and education no matter what their financial standing is. At the same time, we want to enhance the lives of the underprivileged, and I believe that this Charity Learning Festival is one of the ways to align those two together.”

CLF 2.0 is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that runs from 12 December 2021, Sunday to 12 February 2022, Saturday.  Interested members of the public can easily back this initiative and be a part of the quest for a better humanity. Visit for more information.