Runs Second Collaborative Campaign with PJ Digital Mall

PETALING JAYA, 24 December 2020 – Riding on the success of its first Offline-to-Online (O2O) collaboration campaign with PJ Digital Mall for 10.10, is embarking on a second effort called Year-End Sales, in line with Petaling Jaya Digital Mall’s 13th anniversary celebrations.

Attractive gifts like the exclusive iPhone 12 Pro and Sony PS5, as well as RM10 cashback offers will be up for grabs during the campaign which will kick off on Boxing Day (December 26) and wrap up on January 2, 2021. Celebrities like Daniel Lee of Malaysia Idol fame, radio DJ Sonic Hussein and Jiang Pei Pei who is a popular event host have been enlisted to be part of the event.

“The Year-End Sales, in conjunction with PJ Digital Mall’s anniversary campaign will feature two FB Live sessions daily, and more than 80 products will be showcased. Our enlisted personalities will host the sessions which will be from 12pm to 2pm and again at 8pm till 10pm,” said Chua Khai Suan who is Chief Executive Officer.


There will be many trending IT related gadgets and mobile products for sale at irresistible prices during the campaign and the first 50 customers to make purchases on the FB Live session will receive RM10 cashback. In addition, there will be vouchers for Malaysians to gain great bargains during these FB Live sessions.

“These sessions will be telecasted simultaneously on the LED screen outside PJ Digital Mall to catch more eyeballs. Why should you pay attention to these sessions? Because you stand a chance to win attractive lucky draw prizes like the iPhone 12 Pro, and the Sony PS5,” he added.

Commenting on the success of the 10.10 campaign with Digital Mall – the first collaboration between the two entities – Chua said there was an overwhelmingly positive response from both customers and tenants.

“We had organised it to support offline businesses which took a hit in the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This time around we have even more tenants participating in the campaign.

“From a business standpoint, I strongly believe that collaborations such as these help educate the Malaysian offline business community of ways to leverage their business on the online world,” said Chua.

Having an online presence is essential, he opined, as it provides round-the-clock purchasing power on the side of customers as they are not limited to the operating hours of your business outlet.

PJ Digital Mall Leasing Manager Jeffery Fang said the 10.10 campaign saw customers returning to its doors. This encouraged the premise to embark on yet another collaborative project with Youbeli in a bid to help boost sales for its tenants as the year ends.

To be notified of the start of FB Live sessions, shoppers will only need to follow’s Facebook page ( Be part of the buzz by downloading the Youbeli App for free via App Store, Google Play and Huawei App Store. You can also contact 1800-88-2354 or email for more information.