Virtual Internship: Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) steps up to match 500 students with top SMEs in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 17 March 2021: Believing in the importance of connectivity of early access of young talents to companies is crucial. Moreover in these trying times, many are losing their job with the limited position available. Internspoon is proud to announce that the team has successfully attracted more than 50 employers and approximately 500 students to participate in the recent UMP Virtual Career & Internship Fair 2020 with more than 80 job positions to exploit.

It is believed that with this collaboration between UMP and Internspoon are able to push for the growth of potential and opportunities. This is to assure students that, they are not alone in this intimidating process, aiding students in the growth and development of their career path.

Benefits of career fair include, professional resume review service, where students supplement their soft skills to gain better advantage in their desired companies. Conversely, this career fair also helps new industrial employers without large connections or experiences to get direct and immediate access to a pipeline of new talents that they are interested in without a middleman besides strengthening the bonds of university-industry partnerships.

Believing that internship empowerment is a key success factors, Internspoon, a homegrown Edu-tech startup sets out as a social online internship platform that works to match interns to employers, partnering up with 30 universities/colleges to bring early access of young talents to a variety of invigorating SMEs and preparing students for the real world and challenges.

To adapt to the new normal of Covid 19 pandemic, Internspoon have come together with UMP to organise a virtual career & internship fair which allows employers and students to retain the same initial intention. Students who are seeking placements get a chance to ask questions and learn more about employers’ mindset,interact and build relationships virtually through the platform.

Many Malaysian Universities have recognized the difficulty of securing internships/job opportunities in the already competitive market and adopted internship programs as a mandatory subject before students’ graduate, one of them being the University Malaysia Pahang (UMP). “Both education and the learning process do not end in lecture halls,” said Dr. Irene, the Director of UMP’s Career Placement and Development Center (“CPDC”)


Dr Irene, Director of UMP’s Career Placement and Development Center (CPDC)

According to Dr Irene, CPDC’s core value is to assist and groom students in career development skills and industrial training, providing them with access to information and directions in further growing their career path after graduation. Consequently, UMP reached out to Internspoon for collaboration, to co-host a Career & Internship Fair, inviting employers and students to interact and build relationships.

A career fair is deemed important because students tend to rely on lecturers to spoon-feed and tell them what to do next. Most of the students, like the writer herself, spend their entire university life with the university itself, with no interaction or association with other organizations. Hence, this career fair would be an initiation, assisting these students and/or post-graduates in networking by providing students with a platform to build rapport with employers and expose them to numerous potential contacts in the working field.