Astro Kasih lends a helping hand to 100 families in Kg Malinsau

Kuala Lumpur, 14 April 2020 – As the nation goes through this challenging period with the Movement Control Order (MCO), villagers from some of the remotest areas in Sabah face difficulties getting their daily provisions. 100 families from SK Malinsau in Ranau, Sabah which is located as far as 50 kilometres away from the nearest town are finding it a challenge to obtain food supplies.

Hearing the plight of the villagers, Astro Kasih has reached out to the Headmaster of SK Malinsau, En Jamain Abd Halim to offer assistance in the form of food items such as rice, cooking oil, dairy products as well as disposable face masks. Astro Kasih has been working together with SK Malinsau since the building of its hostel back in 2012 and have been continuing its work among the community since. The school is considered the central point of contact for the community, as children from the seven surrounding villages attend SK Malinsau.

En Jamain Abd Halim, the Headmaster of SK Malinsau

En Jamain Abd Halim said, “Astro Kasih has been an integral part of our community offering hostel facilities and learning opportunities for our children. With their help, we were able to purchase the necessary food supplies for about 100 families affected by the Movement Control Order. The villagers will now have enough provisions to last them throughout this period, when they are not able to go out to the town for supplies or continue to work.” said En. Jamain.