4 Latest Features in PUBG Mobile Version 1.1

Kuala Lumpur, 20 November 2020 – Starting on 11 November 2020, the fans and the PUBG Mobile community around the world, including Malaysia, have been able to enjoy the updates of PUBG Mobile version 1.1. Aside from collaborating with Metro Exodus, the PUBG Mobile version 1.1 update also offers a variety of new features that are ready to provide a more optimal gaming experience, starting from the Lightweight Installation feature, restrictions on switching servers and personal adjustments on various weapons. This version 1.1 update is already available online and can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store or the official PUBG Mobile website.

Some new features that are brought in with the PUBG Mobile Update version 1.1

The PUBG Mobile 1.1 update is PUBG Mobile’s answer to the fans and PUBG Mobile community around the world, who have participated in the PUBG Mobile survey program and provided their opinion, in order to create a healthier competitive climate while still providing an intense classic PUBG Mobile experience smoothly, lightly and with anti-lag.

Here are some of the new features that are brought in with the PUBG Mobile Update version 1.1:

Lightweight installation

In this latest version, PUBG Mobile is more practical with 70% smaller file size on Android phones. This gives choices for Android cellphone users who have a limited storage space, to choose what content to install according to their needs. By taking advantage of the new resource technology, the downloaded file size will be drastically reduced to 610 MB, from previously over 1.8 GB. When starting the game, players are free to choose to download 2 resource packages, namely low specifications and HD specifications. Even though the resource pack is made with a smaller file size, PUBG Mobile still maintains the high quality of the games it has and can be played smoothly.

If the player chooses the wrong option when playing, they can add or delete files that are no longer needed in the settings menu. With the Lightweight Installation feature, players will feel a 10% lag reduction when starting a battle.

Server Restriction

In order to provide a smoother, more stable playing experience, and understand many requests from the PUBG Mobile community who want servers to be separated, in this 16th season, PUBG Mobile decided to limit the ability to switch servers at will.

When the season starts, players must select and confirm in advance which server they want to use. Players who have confirmed the selected server will not be able to change the server for the next 60 days. This limitation of switching servers at will is done solely to maintain a stable environment between regional servers and provide major changes to the PUBG Mobile environment, such as improvements on server latency problems and also to make it easier for players to interact socially and find new friends in the same language and region.

Metro Royale

In the version 1.1 update, PUBG Mobile introduces its latest mode, PUBG Mobile Metro Royale. In this mode, a player will experience an intense underground battle against bandits to ferocious mutants hiding in the shadows of darkness. To support intense combat, PUBG MOBILE has added a variety of tactical equipment in this mode, ranging from thermal sights that can track body heat, Night Vision Scope & Goggles to target enemies in the dark and a diverse range of armor attachments that can further customize the abilities of armors. Other new additions to the armory include grenade attachments for weapons, heavy armor, and the unique silent air rifle – Tikhar Rifle.

Weapon Adjustment

The adjustment of grenades and explosive weapons also occurs in this PUBG Mobile version 1.1 update, which makes the explosive effect of grenades and bombs even more exciting and more realistic. Adjustments took place on Frag Grenades, Stun Grenades, Smoke Grenades and Molotov Cocktails.

For frag grenades, there is 20% reduction in damage but the explosion effect is increased. As for the stun grenades, the effect will only occurs after 0.7 seconds from touching the ground, there is an increase in the throwing distance, which was only able to reach 5 meters, but has now been changed to a further distance 6.5 meters.

The changes that happen in smoke grenades are in the effectiveness of time, where the new smoke grenade takes effect 1 second after it hits the ground and reduces the visibility of the player’s FPP after being hit by the explosion. Lastly is the Molotov cocktail, where the throw distance is increased by 20% and the damage area is increased by 10%.

In the version 1.1 update, PUBG Mobile introduces its latest mode, PUBG Mobile Metro Royale.

“In the PUBG Mobile version 1.1 update, we aim to provide the best gaming experience to players. Lightweight installation is our way to answer the fans and the PUBG Mobile community demand and wishes, which can save memory capacity by up to 70%. Our commitment is to deliver high quality and smooth gameplay, but with the same gaming experience.” said Jenny, PUBG MOBILE Marketing Manager.

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