Macrokiosk allocates RM3 million subsidy to empower Malaysian SMEs with digital solutions

Kula Lumpur, 22 July 2020- In line with the group’s efforts to drive the nation’s economic recovery through the digitalisation of businesses, MACROKIOSK, a leading digital technology company in Asia, has allocated up to RM3 million subsidy to help Malaysian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to embrace digitalisation.

This initiative is a stepping stone for SMEs to quickly adopt digitalisation and integrate digital solutions into their existing business models during these unprecedented times.

In a statement, CS Goh, Co-Founder and Chief Corporate Officer, MACROKIOSK Group, said they recognise that SMEs today need digital solutions that are easy to implement and enable quicker sales conversion.

“Selling and buying over social platforms, also known as chat commerce, have become a norm amongst small businesses and their customers. With our payment solution, businesses can quickly close a sale by sending their customer a link comprising a digital invoice and multiple payment options. Payment can be made by the customer through a few clicks and the sale is completed there and then,” Goh said.

CS Goh, Co-Founder and Chief Corporate Officer, MACROKIOSK Group

According to Goh, businesses can reach out to their customers through SMS, email, WhatsApp and Viber, to name a few, whether for the purpose of replying to their queries, notifying them of new promotions, issuing rewards and vouchers, or simply sending a thank you note – all of which can be easily executed via the platform.

SMEs can also leverage MACROKIOSK’s digital solutions to optimise their businesses for the digital marketplace with one-time passwords for secure authentication to verify their customers, or configurable interactive chats to provide instantaneous and dynamic support services to their customers on their preferred messaging platform.

“All our digital solutions, which are conceptualised, innovated and created by Malaysian talents, now serve millions of users worldwide on a daily basis. As such, we hope to play a role to support Malaysian SMEs in their digital transformation as we weather the challenging times ahead, together,” Goh concluded.

The Malaysian-founded company seeks to assist SMEs through its BOLD. for SMEs initiative to empower SMEs with what it takes to restart and create sustainability in their businesses with its scalable digital solutions as-a-service.

SMEs who are keen to leverage BOLD. digital solutions can reach out to MACROKIOSK ( to onboard a range of subsidised plans in the areas of Communication, Authentication, Engagement and Payment.

-Business Today